Monday, January 29, 2007

Despair, sadness, grief... is it heartache?

Despair, sadness, grief... even suicidal thoughts. Could it be heartache, that most despised, yet expected demon?

Not even close. Not heartache... Hard drive.

Yes, I had a terrible hard drive crash last week that had apparently devastated my all my data for the past four years. Documents, email, geneological research, chess games.... What a disaster.

I am now trying to recover from it. I talked to some drive recovery people at, and they were very friendly and realyl a low-pressure sales approach, but the cost to recover was estimated approximately $2000. Ouch.

So I took it to a local guy here in New Jersey. Rey at Intertech was a good guy, who tried his best, but even he said the disk was so far gone that it needed the services of a full-time disk recovery company. We'll get the results in a few days, after their analysis.

For some funny stories about disk crashes, you can read this article in Time magazine.

So, watch and wait for the experts with their clean rooms, the men with their sales. Buffy reference - Season 4 finale... Sorry... Mind has been elsewhere this week.

So, sage wisdom... Back everything up - today. Don't wait.

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