Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Tart Green Line

The Boylston Chess Club blog has claimed to initiate legal proceedings against the Bionic Lime Power Rankings, because in an earlier post, I claimed that my USCL power rankings were the only strictly objective ratings. I was wrong. I admit it. The BCC's power rankings are also said to be objective, and I have no reason to doubt them. Here is their article on Week 3 rankings.

The subjective power rankings I was referring to were the "official" USCL power rankings. It isn't on the USCL site, but they claim to be official. Hmm..

Anyway, lets compare the three ranking systems...

Rank Official Boylston Lime
1 - Boston Boston Boston
2 - San Francisco Seattle Dallas
3 - Dallas Dallas Seattle
4 - Seattle San Francisco San Francisco
5 - Baltimore Carolina Carolina
6 - Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia
7 - Carolina Baltimore Baltimore
8 - New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey
9 - New York Queens Queens
10 - Queens New York Tennessee
11 - Miami Tennessee New York
12 - Tennessee Miami Miami

The computer rankings are rather similar, the only difference is the transpositions of Dallas and Seattle and New York and Tennessee. The human rankings put New York (based on reputation, presumably, and rightly so I suppose) higher than the computer models. And, the human puts San Francisco second, again based presumably on reputation. Everybody agrees, though... Philadelphia 6th, New Jersey 8th.

This week's Boston versus New York may have a dramatic effect on the rankings, if New York draws or even wins. But, if Boston wins, it should not change the ranking too much at all.

We shall see tomorrow night!


There is another set of subjective (i.e., human generated) rankings, which have been posted here. To summarize them:

1. Boston
2. Seattle
3. Dallas
4. San Francisco
5. Carolina
6. Philadephia
7. New Jersey
8. Baltimore
9. New York
10. Queens
11. Tennessee
12. Miami

Not too different, except that Baltimore is lower than the other systems. And, not surprisingly, New York is high, like the other human system.


Arun Sharma said...

As for my rankings being "official", I don't recall saying that, but I'm too lazy to check if I did, perhaps I said something like that. I guess they are official from the perspective that I'm doing them via request of the commissioner whereas the rest of you probably are doing it of your own accord. My articles in general (Power Rankings, Monday prediction) as you can check were posted on the USCL site last year, just this year both for making it less work for Greg and to allow people to comment on the articles, we moved it to the blog. I suppose since once again, they're mostly being down at Greg's request, they are still "official" in that regard.

DG said...

I sent the lawyers home :)

Bionic Lime said...

Arun, Somewhere on your site it said "official", so I'm just copying that. I'm more or less kidding around with you, so no hard feelings, ok?