Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Famous Original Power Rankings, Week 8

A new leader has emerged in the Famous Original Power Rankings! The Dallas Destiny has vaulted over the Boston Blitz, helped by their win over the Seattle Sluggers, and the Blitz's draw with the New Jersey Knockouts.

In fact, the biggest change is that the Knockouts have jumped to seventh place in the Power Rankings. And, the New York Knights are showing that their victory last week was not a fluke and are now living up to the pre-season hype, still in fifth place.

Without further ado, or in fact, any ado, here's this weeks list.

1 - Dallas 1.000
2 - Boston 0.993
3 - Seattle 0.945
4 - Philadelphia 0.939
5 - New York
6 - San Francisco
7 - New Jersey
8 - Baltimore 0.848
9 - Carolina 0.842
10 - Queens 0.833
11 - Miami 0.793
12 - Tennessee 0.726

Until next week! Only two weeks to go until the end of the season.


Ilya said...

Ok I agree Dallas is a good team, maybe even great. BUT...Of course there is always a "BUT" they have faced the greatness of Tennesee once and also Miami, unfortunately here in the East we simply do not have such luxury.(Last year we did beating TN 3.5-.5 and Miami 3-1) Next week they play Tennesee again. Boston meanwhile has played an opposition averaging 2407! and thats not a bad number considering we cannot play ourselves(which the other teams can), Dallas average rating is 2377. They've goten .5 pts more but again considering they faced 2 weakest teams in the league( i am speaking strictly statistically as i dont want to get death threats from TN :))I dont think you can give them an edge here either. Dallas is definetely a good team but number 1 in the power rankings may be premature.

Bionic Lime said...

Understood, Ilya. However, the Famous Original Power rankings do take into account strength of schedule. Looking at the actual difference in strength, Boston isn't far behind.

A lot depends on how the Blitz and Destiny do this week.