Sunday, October 07, 2007

USCL Predictions for Week 7

Here are the predictions for the this week, based on the Famous Original Power Rankings. There was a slight change to the model this week, where the best model was not chosen by a statistical method such as ordinary least squares (or weighted least squares). Instead, the best model this week was done on the basis of how well it would do in the USCL prediction contest.

Therefore, I expect a healthy return this week.

PHI 2 Tie Match
BOS 2.5
NYK 1.5 BOS wins
QUE 2 Tie Match
CAR 2.5
TEN 1.5 CAR wins
SFM 2.5
MIA 1.5 SFM wins
DAL 2 Tie Match

Remember, these predictions are done not using the lineups, and are based solely on the Famous Original Power Rankings.

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