Sunday, September 13, 2009

GOTW Whackometer, Part 2

Well, I woke up yesterday morning, with a sick feeling that the co-linearity problem was actually a real problem, given the population size. So, I redid the correlations, but this time correlated a judges score with the sum of the points of the other judges. In this way, a judge's own points are not considered in the correlation.

The results are rather interesting.

Name Week-1 Week-2 Average
Jeff 0.792 0.319 0.556
Greg 0.471 0.307 0.389
Arun 0.493 0.563 0.528
JimD 0.493 0.505 0.499
Mike 0.661 -0.058 0.302

Mike's correlation in week 2 is pretty close to 0, which suggests that he had almost no correlation with the other judges. However, in both weeks, all the judges are reasonably similar in their correlations. Two weeks is not a very good sample.

HOWEVER, note that this is for the games that were selected. Remember that there are about 20 other games, that ALL judges marked as 0. Including these games would lead to a much higher correlation for everyone.

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