Thursday, September 23, 2010

USCL 2010 Power Rankings Week 5

Only changes at this top this week in the United States Chess League Power Rankings.

Despite that they are in second place in the match standings, the New York Knights have passed the New England Nor'Easters, and now are atop the Eastern Division Power Rankings. The Knights' game points were key in this.

In the Western Division, an surprising tie occurs at the top of the standings. Arizona and San Francisco share the top spot. Both have played the same five opponents, and they have identical match and game points.

Next week is the inter-divisional week, and afterwards, the power rankings will be combined into a single list.

Note to the commissioner! The "color choice" for the USCL finals ought to be decided by the records of the divisions in the inter-divisional matches. If the Eastern Division wins more matches than the Western Division, the Eastern Division champ should get color choice in the USCL finals, and vice versa. Game points would be the next tiebreaker. What do you think, Mr. Commish?

Eastern Division Change
1 - New York 1.000 up 1
2 - New England 0.974 dn 1
3 - Boston 0.897 n/c
4 - Baltimore 0.809 n/c
5 - Philadelphia 0.738 n/c
6 - New Jersey 0.702 n/c
7 - Manhattan 0.621 n/c
8 - Carolina 0.579 n/c

Western Division Change
1 - tie Arizona 1.000 n/c
1 - tie San Francisco 1.000 up 1
3 - Chicago 0.962 n/c
4 - Los Angeles 0.814 n/c
5 - St. Louis 0.790 n/c
6 - Seattle 0.748 n/c
7 - Dallas 0.739 n/c
8 - Miami 0.668 n/c

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