Friday, October 06, 2006

I am not Topalov

Well, Topalov won his first game yesterday. The games, frankly, go over my head, but only because these guys are double my rating.

Indeed, many of my own games go over my own head. I played a couple of games last night at the Kenilworth Chess Club. I lost both of them, and did not play well in either one. I could make a lot of excuses, (tired due to long and eventful day at work, recovering from birthday, blah, blah, blah) but the end result is that I stunk up the board. I am trying to procure a Java applet to display the games here.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Send Yasser to Elista

Whoever made the suggestion to send Yasser Seirawan to Elista to save the WC&WCC (World Chess and Water Closet Championship) had the right idea. It was suggested on Chessbase, and I think it is a brilliant idea.

Yasser, Yasser, he's our man!
If he can't do it, nobody can!

We will all have to wait until 7am US-Eastern Time to see what has happened.

This whole situation is best summed up by Tim Rice the lyricist of the musical "Chess" in the song "Quartet". The whole lyrics are here. A fitting excerpt...

It's very sad to see
The ancient and distinguished game that used to be
A model of decorum and tranquility
Become like any other sport
A battleground for rival ideologies
To slug it out with glee.