Saturday, November 03, 2007

Final Regular Season Famous Original Power Rankings

The regular season of the United States Chess League, sponsored by and played on the Internet Chess Club, has concluded. Boston and Dallas have won the East and West divisional titles, with Philadelphia and San Francisco coming in second in the same respective divisions. The New York Knights completed their late season rally with a win in the final week over the New Jersey Knockouts, and squeaking by into the third and final playoff spot in the East, and Miami shocked Seattle to take the final spot in the West.

In this final week of the power rankings, the Boston Blitz have regained the top spot after blitzing the Inventors of Philadelphia, while the Dallas Destiny were drowned in their pensieve by the Mechanics of San Francisco. Despite being in the playoffs, the Sharks of Miami are still only in eighth place, while the team they devoured, the Sluggers of Seattle, finished the season in the top half of the power rankings.

1 - Boston 1.000
2 - Dallas 0.974
3 - San Francisco
4 - Philadelphia 0.944
5 - New York
6 - Seattle 0.895
7 - Queens 0.876
8 - Miami 0.856
9 - New Jersey
10 - Carolina 0.837
11 - Baltimore 0.825
12 - Tennessee 0.724

The playoffs start next week, with the wildcard round in the East and the West. New York challenging Philadelphia (with the Inventors getting draw odds) and Miami attempting to dethrone the 2006 USCL champion San Francisco (with the Mechanics getting the draw odds). Tune in Wednesday evening on ICC.